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Risers and Fallers
Risers Price %
Debenhams 2.21p 42.76
Webis Holdings 1.95p 21.88
Predator Oil... 12.25p 15.57
Cloudbuy 2.85p 14.00
Boku Inc. 93.00p 13.41
S & U 1,990.00p 12.59
LiDCO Group 4.55p 12.35
ValiRx 0.60p 12.15
Feedback 1.00p 9.29
Altyn Ord 0.1p 0.60p 9.09
Fallers Price %
Coral Products 6.60p -46.12
Mysale Group 12.75p -27.45
Cadence... 0.15p -21.62
Amerisur... 14.21p -15.72
Kavango... 2.58p -15.57
Albert... 18.50p -13.95
Great... 0.33p -13.33
Salvarx Group 10.00p -13.04
Nationwide... 144.00p -12.20
Europa... 0.02p -11.63
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