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Welcome to the MoneyAM Stock and Shares centre. Here you will find more information about the benefits of buying Stocks and Shares as an investment. It’s easy to be beguiled in to thinking stocks and shares are all about flashing numbers on a screen with just shares profits and losses, but shares are much more than - they are a percentage stake in company - so it’s important you know what you are dealing with right from the start.   How to invest in Stocks and Shares Stocks & Shares - How the market works Stocks & Shares - How to pick stocks Stocks & Shares - Investing in Small Caps Stocks & Shares - How to choose a broker Stocks and Shares - Comparison Table Stocks and Shares - News
Risers and Fallers
Risers Price %
Directa Plus 77.50p 93.75
Petrel... 2.70p 22.73
Rurelec 0.65p 18.18
Ironveld 1.90p 15.15
Mobile Streams 0.90p 12.50
Agriterra 9.00p 12.50
Crawshaw Group 3.65p 12.31
WANdisco 632.00p 10.88
Kellan Group 0.38p 10.29
Metals... 1.88p 10.29
Fallers Price %
Imaginatik 3.18p -63.71
Fastjet 4.15p -37.59
Greka Drilling 0.76p -34.76
Redhall Group 4.60p -31.85
Nakama Group 0.95p -17.39
Adams 1.50p -14.29
Fidelity... 21.00p -12.50
AA 105.05p -12.09
Zoltav... 16.50p -10.81
Tri-Star... 38.00p -10.59
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