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Welcome to the MoneyAM Spreadbetting centre. Here you will find more information about the benefits of using Spreadbetting as part of your trading and investment strategy. Financial spread betting, enables you to bet on the price of an underlying security or asset such as a share, an index, bond, commodity or currency. It provides you with a way to play the markets without actually having to physically own anything. How to Spread Bet Spread Betting - Comparison Table Spread Betting - News
Risers and Fallers
Risers Price %
Debenhams 2.21p 42.76
Webis Holdings 1.95p 21.88
Predator Oil... 12.25p 15.57
Cloudbuy 2.85p 14.00
Boku Inc. 93.00p 13.41
S & U 1,990.00p 12.59
LiDCO Group 4.55p 12.35
ValiRx 0.60p 12.15
Feedback 1.00p 9.29
Altyn Ord 0.1p 0.60p 9.09
Fallers Price %
Coral Products 6.60p -46.12
Mysale Group 12.75p -27.45
Cadence... 0.15p -21.62
Amerisur... 14.21p -15.72
Kavango... 2.58p -15.57
Albert... 18.50p -13.95
Great... 0.33p -13.33
Salvarx Group 10.00p -13.04
Nationwide... 144.00p -12.20
Europa... 0.02p -11.63
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