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Foreign exchange (forex) is one of the most popular markets in the world. High levels of volatility make it ideal for short-term trading as prices are always on the move. The popularity of currencies means the industry continues to grow, so it is not hard to find a broker to take your positions. Nonetheless, you need to pick the right one based on their level of service and technical support to facilitate your trading ideas.  Forex markets involve trading one currency against another. A lot of advertising focuses on ‘tight spreads’. This is the range between the bid and ask price. This is the level at which the broker will buy the base currency in exchange for the counter currency; and vice-versa respectively. Most brokers do not charge transactional commissions for trading, they take a cut from the spread.
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CMC Markets UK plc
0.50 500:1 Web & Mobile Yes Take a spread betting or CFD position on over 330 spot and forward FX pairs. Our award-winning Next Generation trading platform offers charting and a range of other features to help you maximise your Yes APPLY
Disclaimer: These comparison tables are provided for information purposes only, their accuracy is not guaranteed. Trading using some of these products carries a high level of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial deposit. These trading products may not be suitable for all investors so seek independent advice.